Flying High with Expansion Plans…

CHECK OUT our new Drone footage of the 90,000 square foot warehouse we have recently purchased. This 6 acre site will connect to our current Head office in Skelmersdale.

You can see from the footage that the two structures on the left are being dismantled to extend upwards for new indoor racking (also see below). The building on the right will become new dismantling bays for faster production.

Throughout late 2018 and the start of this year we have been busy undergoing construction on our newly purchased site located conveniently behind our current HQ in Skelmersdale. As the company continues to grow we look for every opportunity to further increase our productivity and efficiency, the potential for the new site is one we could not pass up.

Towards the end of 2018, we had completely concreted the area (below) and installed new car racking trees in place to increase our vehicle storage capabilities, adding another 300 spaces!

The new site will mean that all of our vehicle dismantling and processing procedures will be under the one roof with the top of the range dismantling facilities making it possible for hundreds of late model vehicles to be processed every week.

To further add to this increased storage, the new site will also give us detrimental growth to The Green Parts Specialists initiative. Through body shop orders we are able to create Management Information on the more popular parts that are being requested through our online portal. This enables us to prioritise which parts we need to take off of vehicles first, meaning we are able to Quality Check and ship parts out much more efficiently as they are already packaged and stored.

So… what does this mean for the repair market?

Firstly, we will be able to safely store popular back ordered parts within our new stores to save you the hassle. The fact that we could already have these parts means a huge amount of time will be saved for the body shops as well as for ourselves locating the parts. In addition to this, more storage means more parts to put away which in turn, means more parts are readily available in the long run. An increase on our already massive storage capabilities results in us having an even wider range of available OEM parts, the possibility of us having an in colour panel ready to ship the next day will increase tenfold. 

SMASH Your Fears Over Brexit.

How can our growth support fears surrounding Brexit? – Take a look at our Brexit Blog from last month.

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