What Going Green can mean for Insurers and their customers.

“Your car’s a write off” – the dreaded phrase no one likes to hear from their insurance provider.

What a headache and sometimes a feeling of total confusion, “the damage isn’t that bad”!

An insurers ‘write-off’ is an industry term for a car that’s either: sustained so much damage it’s unsafe to be on the road, or it’s beyond economical repair, meaning the cost of fixing it would out value the car!

Manufacturing and sourcing new parts are expensive and sometimes difficult, especially if your car is older.

This is where green parts come in. By using quality recycled parts the cost to repair a vehicle can come down significantly as well as increasing the availability of a part, meaning a car can be saved cheaply and quickly.

It also means a new part won’t have to be manufactured, reducing extra production and waste to landfill.

Of course, safety is paramount and green parts aren’t used when a safety-related car part needs replacing.

At GPS we take significant steps to quality check our parts and give a 12-month warranty on everything we advertise. And with our in house software & contracts, we are able to use VIN matching to guarantee you will receive the exact part you are looking for.

Give us a call to find out more –
01695 551969

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