Goals to become Sustainable? – How can Green Parts help.

Show your environmental commitment.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure that a company is ethically conducting their business, considering their:

Environmental Impact – That they choose approaches of least impact to the environment and are accountable for day-to-day choices, such as recycling and energy/waste management. They might also push incentives down their supply chains or provide their customers with a greener solution. For example, a car insurance provider using green parts to repair a customer’s vehicle.

Social Betterment – Supporting their staff, communities and the industry they work on topics such as mental health, diversity and inclusion or tackling the skills/gender gap in their sector. 

Responsible Governance – Working with integrity, reflected in their business’s commitments to high standards, strategic plans, Project Management Frameworks, Code of Conducts, policies and practices. (A lot of these being legal requirements).

All the above help a company work towards a sustainable future for its stakeholders, which include their:

  • Staff
  • Clients/Customers
  • Industry
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • And anyone who encounters their services or operations!

Why do businesses need CSR?

  • To gain better brand recognition
  • To meet customers’ expectations
  • To increase sales & customer loyalty
  • To win new business
  • To attract, retain & maintain a happy workforce
  • To save money (i.e. energy & operating costs)
  • To differentiate themselves from competitors
  • To generate positive PR
  • To leave a legacy they’re proud of

Most businesses will be doing some form of CSR, but unfortunately a lot of the time it goes unnoticed.

Already embedded into their processes, staff aren’t aware it is CSR, therefore, it’s not a part of the company’s culture or something they shout about.  

Usually, CSR is brought to a company’s attention when they score low on a survey or lose out on a tender. This is because they couldn’t meet one of the following questions/criteria:

1) Does your business give something back?

2) What is your CSR strategy or policy?

3) How is your company meeting or working towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals 2030?

How Green Parts can help?

Consumers and the tender process are putting companies under ever-greater scrutiny with regards to how they conduct their business. And for those who work in the automotive industry or operate their own fleet business, seeing how they ethically run their vehicle services, management and disposal is a key factor.

Our Green Parts platform has been specifically developed to provide the repair industry with the means to source or supply quality used OEM parts, meaning a new part won’t have to be manufactured, reducing extra production and waste to landfill.

Businesses we can support:

Car Insurers – Using Green Parts for customer repairs and placing any end of life vehicles with Hills Salvage & Recycling Ltd for disposal under strict environmental protection standards.

Dismantlers – Supplying Green Parts to push through our portal to meet the demand and reduce waste to landfill.

Fleet Solutions & Body shops/Repairers – Purchasing Green Parts to repair customer/fleet vehicles, reducing waste to landfill and repeat production.

If you would like to hear more about using Green Parts as part of our CSR or Sustainability Strategy, give us a call. – 01695 551969 or drop us an email info@green-parts.co.uk

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