VRA Conference 2019

Firstly we want to thank Chas Ambrose of the Vehicle Recyclers Association for organising such a fantastic conference with the largest turnout to date! A lot of preparation went into forming the event and Chas did a fantastic job of making everything run smoothly and professionally.

As many of you will be aware we had the privilege of being the headline gold sponsor for this years annual VRA conference at the Belfry hotel. With the aim of further promoting the Green Parts movement and looking for potential ATF’s to join our constantly growing network of dismantlers.

Headed by Chris Daglis the conference saw many speakers from different background of the industry present to the attendees on a matter of different subjects. Starting with Part Recalls, Chris Daglis touched on numerous topics such as the Takata recall that is affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicles within the industry and urging companies to check for those recalls.

Following Chris, founder and M.D Ian Hill stood up to the podium to present on ‘The Acceptance of Recycled Green Parts in Insurance Repairs’ and the future of The Green Parts Specialists as well as an overview of the company as a whole.

The presentation received a positive response from everyone in the conference room with many accepting that the industry needs to work together in order to properly supply the insurance industry. As Ian stated, “There are £3 billion reasons why”. With the future intention of setting up storage hubs around the UK to further aid our logistics operation, responses from members at the VRA certainly shed a positive light on the Green Parts revolution.

Followed by presentations from Laura Richards (eBay), Adam Murray (Aviva), Paul Cunningham (Hollander International) and Jason Cross (Synetiq) the day had a main focus on Green Parts and their future within the industry. The general consensus being that Green Parts are the next step for the industry and we need to find the best way in order to supply them.

So what’s next?

Going into 2020 the Green Parts Specialists are going to continue to grow and to supply quality OEM parts to the insurance company as we have done throughout 2019. We aim to grow the incoming requests and orders as well as setting up our delivery hubs throughout the United Kingdom.

Not one company can supply the entirety of the UK with ‘Green Parts’, the industry needs to work together in order to get it right and design a lasting, efficient network.

If you are interested in partnering with The Green Parts Specialists or want more information on the Green Parts Revolution be sure to contact us!

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