Wigan Youth Zone Donation

Hills Salvage & Recycling were recently extremely happy to have made a huge donation to the Wigan Youth Zone!

The Youth Zone helps to shape our youths of today and the incredible work they do will never go unnoticed! Ensuring that young people from across the borough are provided with a brighter future.

A statement from Wigan Youth Zone was posted on their social medias

We have some amazing news to share with you all this morning! We have been blown away by a HUGE donation to help support Wigan Youth Zone by one of our long time Supporters Hills Salvage and Recycling Ltd of Wigan. Ian Hill and the team at Hills have recognised the hard work our team have been doing over the past few weeks and wanted to give back and help thousands of young people across our borough. Thank you so much Ian we are so grateful, thank you for helping us, help young people in Wigan achieve their dreams and aspirations!

Wigan Youth Zone LinkedIn

Hills Salvage & Recycling continues to push and help the local community in as many ways as possible. From sponsoring local sports teams to making donations such as the recent one to Wigan Youth Zone. The youths and local community are what shape our future so supporting them is absolutely paramount to the company.

During difficult times it’s important that we support the youth of today, who will become the workforce of tomorrow.

Want to check out the Wigan Youth Zone?

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