We are very happy to have recently placed #9 in Lancashire Business Views Top 100, celebrating Lancashire’s most profitable SME’s in 2020.

The strength and stability of Lancashire’s economy in the world before Covid-19 is perfectly illustrated by this year’s annual Hot 100 list of the county’s most profitable SME’s.

Lancashire Business View

From placing #36 in 2019’s Hot 100 we have seen a massive a huge 27 position surge into #9 for the 2020 year, despite the Corona pandemic occurring. The company has gone from strength to strength proving how versatile it can adjust to the current climate.

The pandemic truly brought the most out of the staff at Hills, whether our staff were working from home or still manning the stations on-site. Everyone worked together to make sure we come out of this more resilient than ever and our #9 placing shows this.

Once again the Hot 100 puts the focus firmly on the many success stories we have here in the county and underlines the resilience and determination of our vitally important SMEs.

Richard Slater, Lancashire Business View

The unique ranking showcases the key performance indicators of SME’s and their contributions to the Lancashire economy. Helping the local community is what shapes our surroundings. We have recently donated a large sum to the Wigan Youth Zone in order to aid them after the massive amounts of work they have been putting in to give the locals youths a brighter future. During the difficulties we are facing its important that we support the youth of today, who will become the workforce of tomorrow.

“Our staff are our greatest assets and we’ve always operated on that. At Hills we listen to our people, every member of our business has a voice”

Ian Hill, M.D Hills Salvage & Recycling

With massive site developments happening and continuing to happen at Hills we are always optimistic to keep climbing up the Hot 100 list every year.

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