Hills Salvage & Recycling Acquire DA Auto Parts

In recent events Hills Salvage & Recycling have purchased D A Autoparts. Wanting to increase their presence and logistics operations northwards the acquisition of the Dumfries dismantlers seemed the most sensible progression.

From both companies being founding members of the salvage buying group NSG, now known as E2E. Hills and D A Autoparts have been at the forefront of the dismantling industry in the UK. Now adding even more part and vehicle storage to their portfolio Hills will see the purchase as a foothold in improving their logistics operations throughout the country.

The new purchase enables Hills Motors to increase their operations in the northwards, allowing them to store even more ‘Green Parts’ whilst also having the ability to ship them out more efficiently throughout the country. Hills can additionally deliver the best possible experience to their clients such as insurers, nationwide.

From the initial trail in 2017 with AGEAS ‘Green Parts’ have continued to grow within the insurance industry with many bodyshops adopting the use of green parts on their repairs. The strategic site purchases means that the extremely high levels of service Hills already offer can be increased throughout Scotland.

The purchase of D A Autoparts will be the first of many to come in 2021 through heavy investments with Hills expecting to expand their salvage and delivery logistics offering in order to fulfil the needs of their clients through various means such as a next day delivery service.

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